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Compounding Services

As a full service pharmacy, Logos Pharmacy is able to compound medications for specific medicinal needs. If your doctor gave you a compounding prescription, bring it with you the next time you visit our drugstore.

We have the supplies, equipment and the knowledgeable staff that enables us to custom compound medications for:

  • Special Dosage Requirements
  • Skin Care and Dermatology
  • Medications for Children (Flavoring or Dosage Form Alternatives)
  • Sports Medications and Therapy
  • Animal Care / Pet Medicine
  • Topical Wound Care Medication
  • Podiatric Medicine
  • Combined Prescription Medication
  • Topical Medication (Creams, Lotions, Gels)

We can also recreate Discontinued Medications through compounding. Please call 813-886-2800 today to learn more about this service!

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